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How to Create a Simple Reading Nook

After a long day, you might need to unwind as you read a book or just stare at portraits or even just enjoy your view from your study space. A reading nook should be your safe haven for your thoughts as you relax. Here are some tips on how to make your special reading nook.

Select the Right Space

Picking the right spot will assist you to have a piece of mind. First, look out for the space that has limited traffic in the house or far from the entertainment room. Ensure you feel right about the space and that you like the vibe. One can also choose a favourite corner in the house to make it into a reading nook.

Choose the Right Colours

Space shouldn’t feel gloomy or dull, it should be flooded by light and if possible natural colours are advised as this will increase your mood to properly use the space. The natural colours also increase your concentration level as the eye doesn’t wander too much.

The Right Furniture

One needs to buy the right chair and desk or table as these are essential to space, if you construct a built-in shelf with a snug, you might consider getting soft cushions. Comfort should be key when getting furniture as these might be your regular chill spot.


These require natural light or direct light e.g. use lamps. While a perusing book with a great deal of characteristic light works best, a decent understanding of light or divider sconce can make the comfortable feel your space needs. So attempt a light with a couple of settings, so you can change the lighting relying upon the hour of the day and your necessities required.

Book Storage

As this is a reading nook, you definitely need storage for your multiple copies. One can build a bookcase depending on your needs and space available. These can be made using a variety of materials from metal, wood to even plastics.

No Electronics

Possibly, if one needs to concentrate on a book. You might want to get rid of all digital gadgets, as they may serve as a distraction to what you are trying to achieve.

Space Decoration

There is a need for one to decorate the space to add umph as to increase its utility. One can add a portrait or a flower vase. Or use a large window with a nice view at the rooms’ portrait.

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Five Ways to Update Your Living Space

Updating or designing the living room can be challenging, and you aren’t going to get around that. From choosing a color palette, finding the right furniture, to settling on an easy-on-the-wallet budget, your work is cut out for you. You’ll likely spend much of your time in the living room, so you have to make it look nice. Here are five ways to help you find an easy start.

Consider the use of your living room

Determining what you’ll use your living room for is the best place to start. Do you want a formal living room, or you’ll want to let your kids in? Is it a place you’d want to hang out with your buddies to catch the game? Or is it something in between? You’ll need to position your furniture facing each other and a coffee table in between if you want a formal living room.

Change the rug

Whether you’re looking to add a new rug or replace your existing rug with a new one, it’s no offense giving your living room a new life. Rugs are available in endless varieties. You can choose from the flat monochrome rugs to add definition or the shaggy patterned rugs to add warmth and intrigue to your room.

Do something to your walls

Your walls define your design significantly. However, this doesn’t mean repainting all your walls in the name of updating your living room. Switching up your wall décor can be enough to make a huge change. You can replace a gallery wall with a large piece of art. You should remember that updating your living space shouldn’t be an expensive undertaking. It entails simple things like just moving things around!

Add floating shelves

A floating shelf or a customisable TV stand takes up less floor space creating a feeling of a bigger room. The design features hidden hardware to create the floating appearance that’s just right for a modern living room. A 3-foot long floating shelf shouldn’t cost anything more than $35, which is quite affordable.

Add storage containers

Decluttering your living room can make a difference, which often makes a room feel bigger. Update your living room with stylish storage containers to hold items like extra blankets, toys, magazines, remotes, or game controllers. Canvas cubes or baskets will do the trick. They are lightweight, affordable, and available in a wide range of materials, styles, and colors to go with your existing décor.

A total overhaul of your living room might be costly, so you can try a few of these tips to bring more lively updates to your living room. Simple things like furniture makeovers, no-cost refreshes, and design swaps can make a big difference.

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The 6 best IKEA furniture for refurbishing your home

If you are looking to upgrade your home with eye-catching pieces of furniture then look no further. Head over to IKEA for the best furniture that have a combination of chic and functionality which will take your home to a whole new level. You wonder which type of IKEA furniture qualify as the best? Well, IKEA furniture come in a wide range of designs, prices, different sizes to cater to people’s specific tastes. These furniture pieces are versatile that always have people coming back for more.


This piece has a high back armchair design that got its inspiration from 1950 design. Whether you want to curl up and enjoy your favorite show or you just want to read your favorite book, this seat is perfect for many uses. It is made of durable material, and it comes in neutral colors making it a great piece for upgrading your space.

FÄRLÖV Sleeper Sofa

This sofa offers a comfortable and elegant seating option. This couch has a compact appearance, but it has a fold out bed that can easily turn your living room to a resting place. It has a cozy foam mattress that ensures you enjoy a good night’s sleep. The sofa comes in different neutral shades that make it easy for you to change your décor or accessories.

LIATORP Coffee Table

Add a touch of elegance and beauty to your home with the LIATORP Coffee Table. It has an exquisite delicate appearance thanks to its shadow-box top. The compartments offer a better alternative for organizing your magazines and remotes.

NORRÅKER White Birch Table

This piece can be a great addition to your dining room because it is made of solid birchwood which gives it an organic look. This eco-friendly piece is trendy and can be a significant addition to your furniture pieces.

RISATORP Utility Cart

Getting clutter out of your way has never been easier and stylish. Get yourself the RISATORP Utility Cart and make tidying up your home easy and fun. This piece has wheels which makes mobility easy and you can wheel this cart from one room to the next.

ELVARLI Shelf Unit

If you are looking for a luxurious way of enhancing closet space in your home then the ELVARLI Shelf Unit is a great pick for you. It has adjustable bamboo shelves that make it easy to store your items.

Tips to consider when buying furniture at IKEA:

  • The size of your room
  • Cost
  • Your style
  • Aesthetics.
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